Maintenance and technical assistance

Even the most performing, advanced and reliable machine needs maintenance to maintain optimum standards and performance levels.

All Alfaservice printers require low maintenance and use of minimum consumables. However, in order for the machine to work perfectly, it is necessary to proceed with some precautions such as head cleaning, internal parts or a specific test to verify that the performance is always optimal. It is also possible that, over time, software updates are required.

Through specific contracts, Alfaservice is able to plan the maintenance of your printers. A good and constant maintenance is the first step to avoid sudden stops during production.

In the event of faults, malfunctions or blockages, the technical staff Alfaservice is always available both by phone and for on-site interventions when it is not possible to solve the problem otherwise.

A remote remote assistance service is also available to our customers. Download Team Viewer by clicking on the image below!

Commercial assistance and spare parts

We love that our customers are satisfied both from the point of view of the product and from the point of view of economic investment. For this reason all our sales staff is available to the customer to advise him on the type of printer best suited to his needs.