XPRINT is the innovative generation of high resolution digital printers that responds to all printing and marking needs of packaging directly on the packaging line, where the need to be able to quickly change the entire print layout by selecting it from the operator panel adapting to all formats of the packaging machine and including all the information necessary to identify the package such as: fixed texts, variable data, graphics, logos, barcodes, etc. Different packaging designs, different product references, descriptions in the various international languages, sudden request for a promotional message, composition of technical information that comply with specific regulations and regulations: all this and more are no longer a problem with XPRINT.

The new trends of the global market require an ever greater flexibility at low costs to the companies that pack their products. A key point, where maximum reaction speed is required, it is precisely the need to be able to quickly change the information printed on the package, whether fixed texts, variables, graphics, barcodes, etc. The answer to all requests for printing and marking the packages directly on the packaging line which makes: FLEXIBILITY; SPEED’; QUALITY and ECONOMY is the new XPRINT digital printer made by Alfaservice Srl.





It is a totally digital printer for layout printing, directly on the production line, also very complex, including: – Fixed and variable texts – Graphs and logos – Linear and two-dimensional barcodes – Management of data from external data-bases


A single file that represents the layout with any combination of tracks and feeds (typical in thermoforming machines), is sent to the printer which provides, to transfer onto the wrapping, up to the speed of 800 mm / second, the entire printing area without any mechanical adjustment by the operator. The marking takes place in perfect synchronization with the packaging machine. The 1000 ml cartridge system allows a fast and clean ink supply system as well as a very long autonomy and, thanks to the management with intermediate sub tanks, completely eliminates machine downtimes allowing the hydraulic system to be recharged without stopping the printer , and therefore of the packaging machine, increasing the average production speed.


The printer works, at high speed, with a resolution from 180 to 360 DPI ensuring excellent visual quality and accuracy of small details. Furthermore, in favor of the technology used, CONSTANCE is the quality of printing over time. For the same substrate on which the quality is to be printed, the quality does not change over time as there are no moving parts subject to wear. Every single drop of ink deposited on the sub-terminal is always the same for billions and billions of times


Specialized in rapid format changes, it is able to follow even small productions with an identical printing / packaging cost for any production batch size. Free from the problem of pre-printed material that requires minimum batches below which it is not produced, of the cost of logistics and storage and from penalizing procurement times that can never compete with direct printing in line with the packaging machine. Economic consumables, long autonomy and almost non-existent maintenance increase the economic advantages compared to all the other systems available on the market today.


The XPRINT printing system uses the digital technology of the piezo printheads that allows a wide range of printing configurations to be made, adapting to the customer’s specifications in both single color and multi-color modes (up to 4 colors). The print head is mounted on a dedicated support that provides automatic management of the film movement, the automatic head bleeding system, the parking position for cleaning and capping of the heads.


The very compact dimensions of the entire printer allow easy mounting directly on any thermoforming machine / blister pack on the market, both in continuous and intermittent operation with single or multiple impression format.


It is possible to print on different substrates ranging from medical paper to Tyvek, from aluminum to PVC, taking advantage of the wide ability to use different types of solvent-free inks: oil-based, water-based, up to the most sophisticated UV inks * . * Requires additional devices.


The printer is equipped with an editor, to be installed on a common PC, very simple and effective that allows you to realize most of the layouts normally required in production. In the case of complex layouts or with very particular graphics, the system can import professional quality graphic files. The same ones that today make the layouts for flexo printing films can generate the print file for the XPRINT. Our internal software office is available to analyze any specific requests from our customers to create customized functions and programs. On-board software, on the other hand, allows all the adjustments necessary for the correct alignment of the printheads.



Print technology

– piezo type DOD inkjet print-heads

Print format

– fully configurable via software

Data transfer

-fully digital via USB or 10/100-based Ethernet

Type of printable objects

– Fixed heads with True Type characters
– logo and graphs
– linear or three-dimensional bar codes

Operator data and variable data


Maximum wrapping width

-600 mm

Maximum width of standard printing

– up to 570 mm according to the model
– up to 550 mm (on request for higher steps)

Press repetitions

– in width those required by the packaging format
– in length those required by the packaging format

Print resolutions

-180 × 180 DPI
-180 × 360 DPI
-360 × 360 DPI

Maximum cycles per minute

– from 15 to 30 depending on size and print density

Print speed

– up to 400/800 mm / sec depending on the print density


-50/60 Hz

Absorbed power

-0,5 KVA



Additional components

– Black / red / blue / green / white / uv ink – Optional device for uv ink use – Single pitch support – Dual pitch support