Thermal transfer printers

This type of printer consists of a high-resolution printing unit, which can be easily implemented on all packaging machines on the market. The machine is distinguished by the combination, on a single printer model, of the two conventional, intermittent and continuous printing systems. In continuous mode the thermal head remains stationary, ready to print at the first signal of the packaging machine, while the packaging film runs under it. In the intermittent one, instead, the head moves in a programmed way, transferring the data to be printed on the film during the stop phase typical of intermittent motion packaging machines.

Sprint 3000 series

The SPRINT 3000 series is the latest evolution of a family of thermal transfer printers designed for direct and synchronized printing on intermittent motion and multi-lane packaging machines. The Corner Type thermal head is able to print different types of texts, barcodes, logos and graphics of various types quickly and with excellent quality.

It is the perfect printer for the medical, pharmaceutical, food, mechanical, small and cosmetic industries.




Stand-alone mode

The printer is able to operate autonomously without the continuous connection to a PC. All printing layouts, which can be easily realized with a graphic software, can be easily stored in the large internal memory and quickly recalled from the operator panel supplied with the printer. The printer is available both right and left and can operate both in horizontal and vertical position, adapting perfectly to a wide range of packaging machines.

Control unit

The electronic unit is equipped with an operator panel with password protection that allows to enter different levels of activity for the operator, the technician or the data manager to avoid malfunctions or incorrect settings in the coding of the packs. A rich series of automatic functions allows complete automatic management or with restricted input of variable data such as deadlines, lot number, manufacturing date, work shift, production counter, etc …

Intelligent ribbon savings

The printer is equipped with an effective thermal ribbon saving system. The software automatically calculates the actual amount of ribbon to be used while minimizing the printing cost. Reserve alarm signals and end of tape are available for dialogue with the packaging machine.


SPRINT communicates to the outside with some standard interfaces such as the serial RS232; parallel Centronics and USB 1.1. On request, RS422 / RS485 or Ethernet 10/100 Base / T can be implemented.

Internet / lan configuration

With the Ethernet network card installed (optional) it is possible to send the adjustment parameters and check the status of the printer directly with a web browser interface. With this powerful function the network administrator is always able to be informed about the operation of the unit.



Printing unit

– Print width (thermal head): 53 mm; 107 mm; 128 mm – Maximum printing length: from 140 to 630 mm – Maximum number of multiple prints: up to 25 tracks – Print speed: up to 450 mm / sec (depending on model) – Cart return speed: up to 500 mm / sec – Thermal head: CornerType 12 dot / mm (300 dpi) – Adjustable printing plate – Available in right or left version – Intelligent Ribbon Saving

Electronic unit

– 32-bit RISC microprocessor CPU card – PC-upgradeable FLASH program memory – High-capacity Compact Flash memory card slot – IBM-wide keyboard connector – Standard interfaces: RS232-C; Centronics; USB 1.1 – Optional interfaces on request: RS422; RS485; Ethernet 10/100 Base-T – Opto-isolated digital I / O interface for synchronization with packaging machine – Clock in real time with daylight saving time management


– CD containing the printer driver for Windows and manuals

Markable surfaces

– Flexible packaging in plastic or paper: Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Calendered paper, Medical paper, Tyvek, etc …

Thermal tape

– Base wax, wax resin or resin – Maximum length: 600 m – Inking: external – Core: in plastic or 1 “- 25.4 mm cardboard


– Electric voltage: 220 V – 50 Hz; 115 V – 60 Hz (optional) – Max power: 380 VA – Compressed air: minimum 6 bar dry and non-lubricated – Operating conditions: 5 ° – 45 ° to max 80% non-condensing humidity



Are available

Thermal tape black / red / blue / green / white – Support for single pitch – Support for double pitch – Head for intermittent system – Head for continuous system