LabelFarm is a software developed and developed directly by Alfaservice for use with the e XPrint series printers.

It is the ideal tool that allows the customer to reproduce on the screen of a PC with a few simple operations the layout that represents the format of its packaging machine, respecting the dimensions and the number of cavities both on the band and on the wheelbase. The software has been realized just thinking about the main use of XPrint printers, that is, multi-pack packaging machines and single or multiple feeds such as thermoforming machines. The powerful and easy-to-use tools provided by the program, help the operator to import various graphic formats from the most popular graphic creation software, enriching the printing artwork with all the typical information that is required in the printing of the most popular packaging part of the products to be packaged such as:

Linear and two-dimensional barcodes with fixed or variable data
Automatic fields for expiration date; production; cavity / piste counter; etc…
Operator fields for entering operator data via the network or directly on the packaging line.
Fields of connection to data from external databases.

LabelFarm is also the ideal tool to manage a network of printers installed on various packaging machines. The operator, from a single PC workstation, is able to send the complete layout of print data to any printer connected to the network simply by selecting it on a list present directly on the main window.