JPRINT is an extremely flexible and high-performance digital printer. Although containing the same printing technology as the flagship XPrint, the new JPRINT has an unbeatable strong point, namely that of involving a lower investment for the customer, without having to renounce quality and performance.
JPRINT is the best solution in those applications where it is not necessary to be able to print on the entire surface of the wrapping, but it is enough to partially cover it with a suitable number of heads.
Since its launch on the market in early 2017 to today, JPRINT has been the most requested printing solution and appreciated by our customers in the medical field, and the trend is still growing.
JPRINT has proved to be the best choice in the replacement of in-line printing systems, already in the customer’s possession, obsolete or no longer suitable for the increasingly high quality standards required by the market as well as by international standards in terms of clarity, readability and non-alteration of printing on medical blisters.
Flexographic printing and other obsolete technologies are increasingly giving way to high-resolution inkjet technology, and to implement this evolutionary process in the best possible way, the winning choice is a JPRINT printer from Alfaservice srl.