1989 – 1992

The years of the foundation.
ALFAService starts the business selling film and wrapping material for packaging. In collaboration with a well-known packaging machine company, it begins to produce and install the first hot-jet printers and dot-matrix printers.


Following the new requirements of the market, given the limits of the needle and hot systems, the most innovative digital thermal transfer printer SPRINT 840 is studied and proposed on the market: the first without the use of clichés able to print complex high quality texts on large areas, designed specifically for multi-storey machines such as, for example, automatic thermoforming machines. This allowed to realize customized solutions in various productive sectors: food industry, pharmaceutical and medical industry, cosmetics and mechanics.


The new SPRINT 842 is produced, an evolution of 840, which allows a wider printing area and therefore the possibility to print other data in addition to the expiry date and lot.


It is the year of the SPRINT 3000 series. A particularly flexible and reliable printer able to meet the needs of the market, both in terms of performance and quality. Between 2003 and 2009, the X version was produced, a high-speed printer able to keep up with market and packaging developments.


Start the study of the innovative XPRINT system, an HD digital inkjet printer capable of printing large formats just like flexographic printers but without the need to have a printing roller for each product and an additional printer for variable data (batch, expiry .. ). The first prototype is produced towards the end of 2009.


The real production of XPRINT begins


In the design phase a new four-color printing system arrives, which will revolutionize the digital printers market.

2012 – 2016 Today

ALFAService is a leader in the field of digital coding and marking. This leadership is confirmed by the presence of Alfaservice printers in the most important Italian and foreign companies.